Traffic Court

San Bernardino County Traffic Attorney

When you are cited for a traffic violation, it can be a major hassle, as you will be facing fines, fees, points on your driving record with DMV, court appearances, and stress that you do not need to add to your life.  Our Hesperia traffic lawyer at Martell Law Corp. has extensive experience in obtaining favorable results for his clients in all types of traffic matters.  If you have been cited for a traffic offense, call us today at 760-948-0630 to speak with our Hesperia traffic attorney and schedule your consultation.

Traffic Court Process

If you are employed or going to school, having to appear in court to fight your traffic ticket will likely result in at least two (2) days of missed work or school.  In order to fight your traffic ticket, there are generally a few ways that you can go about doing so, depending on the courthouse where you must appear.  The first way is that you can appear at the clerk's office in the courthouse that you must appear and pay your traffic citation in order to set the matter for a traffic trial, where you will present your evidence to try to beat the traffic ticket.  If you choose to go this route, then you will likely only need to make 1 court appearance to fight your ticket.

The second way in which you can fight your traffic ticket, is by appearing at the clerk's office and setting the matter on calendar for an arraignment.  At the arraignment, you will need to plead either guilty, or not guilty.  If you plead not guilty, then the court will set another date for you to come back for your traffic trial, where you can present you evidence to fight your traffic ticket.  This will require at least two (2) court appearances.

The last way to fight your traffic ticket is by filing a trial by declaration with the courthouse.  The trial by declaration is essentially a statement whereby you present your case in writing to the judge.  The court will review your trial by declaration and make a decision.  If the court does not dismiss your traffic citation, then you may be able to set the matter on calendar for a traffic trial in the court.  This essentially gives you an opportunity to cross examine the officer who wrote the citation.

How can Martell Law Corp. help you?

If you are cited for a traffic citation, Martell Law Corp. can make all of your court appearances on your behalf.  You would not need to be present at any court hearings.  We will appear at your court trial and either try to negotiate for a non-point offense, or fight your traffic citation to try to obtain a dismissal.  Call us today to speak with our San Bernardino County Traffic attorney at 760-948-0630, and we will discuss the options in your traffic matter.